Free Multiple Software Installation Tool- Startup Tips Part 2

Free Multiple Software Installation Tool

Today’s tip: is one of the best websites to use to install multiple programs at once

It is an exceptional tool to install and update all your programs in one place. A very useful website to find credible and useful tools for business operations.

You can have a look at how it works here: Click here

“A real time saver!”

Once you select the apps you want from their given list and run ninite, it will install and update all your programs at once while you can relax for a cup of coffee. 

The best part? It will install the latest stable version of an app, skip up-to-date apps and any reboot requests from installers and do all its work in the background

Most importantly, it will download apps from each publisher’s official site and verify digital signatures or hashes before running anything.

Time is money. And our goal is to help save Time and Money for startups/businesses in every way possible to survive through this pandemic. Share this post with your friends and together let’s win through this pandemic situation.

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