3 Wireframing Tools for UI/UX Designers- Startup Tips Part 5

3 Wireframing Tools for UI/UX Designers

Today’s Tip:

Wireframing tools help you to create a blueprint about the structure of your software or website you want to build. This will in turn help in communication between the programmers and designers.

The 3 wireframing tools are:

1. balsamiq.com

2. mockplus.com

3. lucidchart.com

Click this link to have a look at how these sites work:


balsamiq.com is an incredible website using which anyone can make great user interfaces, web apps, mobile apps and desktop software.

They make UI design accessible to business owners, product managers, business analysts, developers, agencies and UX professionals.

Even UX professionals prefer this tool for its focused low-fidelity wireframes and speed.

They even provide free training for newbies who want to learn how to wireframe. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

mockplus.com is a powerful product design platform and a one-stop kind of website for prototyping, collaboration and design systems.

You can create interactive prototypes with absolutely no coding knowledge and create a well-connected product design. Moreover, the design system is scalable, dynamic and reusable.

Mockplus makes designing easier, faster and smarter!

lucidchart.com offers an intelligent diagramming application using which collaboration and communication can be improved.

It will help teams have a better work clarity by offering a common visual language which will in turn propel your ideas into plans.

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