3 Sites to discover UI Trends- Startup Tips Part 6

3 Sites to discover UI Trends

Understanding design trends and discoverability of websites with amazing design thoughts and experiences is now possible. We have curated these websites just for you to get inspired and understand how design is evolving. It is really exciting.

Are you ready?

mobbin.com has a hand-picked collection of latest mobile design patterns from apps that reflect the best in design.

You can get inspiration from over 250 iOS apps and 25,000 patterns from app stores all over the world.

Pretty nifty, isn’t it?

lapa.ninja is a gallery of landing pages. They feature the best 4035 landing pages, free UI kits and free design books. You can also learn design and go through their blog which is a treasure trough of knowledge.

Generous, aren’t they?

saaslandingpage.com offers examples of the best 590 landing pages created by top SaaS companies where you can get ideas and inspiration. You can also find different landing pages organized according to their category.

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