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Tech Giant ‘Apple’ wants to make its wireless chip- another expansion!

Apple is designing its wireless chips, thereby terminating dependency on allied companies for chip and component production. A recent source has mentioned that “The new Apple office in California is likely to hire experts to assist in the field of wireless radios, radio frequency integrated circuits, and a wireless SoC.”

Apple was dependant on companies like Qualcomm, Broadcom, and Skyworks for manufacturing components for its iPhone and other tech gadgets. But now tech giant APPLE has decided to lessen its dependability on third-party suppliers, hence motivating itself to design and manufacture its power-efficient wireless systems, which are going to be in constant demand in the coming years.
Apple wants Apple-designed wireless chips since it truly believes in giving the best for its customers. Hence this initiative to start its own company by hiring the best skillsets from the existing wireless chip companies.

It might take a few years for Apple to develop these Apple wireless chips. Maybe by 2023 or later, we might witness the dawn of Apple’s WIFI Bluetooth or cellular chips in an iPhone

Let’s wait and see what more leaps the tech giant “Apple” will take to further the enhancement of our Tech lives.

It is to be noted that a few years back, “Apple bought most of Intel’s smartphone modem business” to initiate IP, patents, and engineering talent. – Credit to for the resources

FYI – What is a Wireless Chipset?

A wireless chipset is a piece of internal hardware designed to allow a device to communicate with another wireless-enabled device. This type of chipset can be found inside computers as well as several other wireless products. 

Types of hardware that might contain a wireless chipset include wireless computer hardware like wireless local area network (WLAN) cards and external WLAN adapters. Other types of hardware that might include a wireless chipset include routers and any other wireless devices that transmit or receive a wireless signal.

Inside a computer, a wireless chipset allows the machine to communicate with other compatible wireless devices. Even if a computer has a networking card like an Ethernet card already installed, it cannot connect to a wireless network without a device specifically made for wireless networking. The most common type of wireless chipset used in a computer is a WLAN card with 802.11b or 802.11g wireless technology. This type of hardware can also be called a wireless Internet card or wireless adapter. The internal variety plugs into an available hardware slot inside the computer. Once it is installed, wireless hardware drivers tell the computer how to operate the wireless chipset.



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